Take time to connect with your team

"A record number of employees are quitting or thinking of doing so".

The article “Great Attrition or Great Attraction, the choice is yours” from McKinsey highlights how peoples’ needs and wants in the workplace have changed over the last couple of years, but there is often a mismatch between what the business thinks people want and what people actually want.

It highlights a gap.  The tendency for businesses to focus on transactional solutions at a time when employees need relational engagement; to feel listened to, valued and with a role to play in the future organisation.

So what practical steps can you take to close that gap?

Addressing the transactional in itself is not that easy given the current changes in the world of work, but what is often harder is the time, effort and skills it takes to be relational.

The best leaders actively create the space and time to bring their people together to build those relationships, generate dialogue and listen. Building a psychological safe space where people can express themselves and talk openly, exploring the inherent strengths as well as the barriers to progress, where the power of diversity and collaboration can be unleashed and the future narrative, in which everyone has a role, can be articulated.

Evidence from the likes of the CIPD, Gallup and Engage for Success consistently demonstrate that highly engaged organisations have significantly better retention, with employee turnover being as much as 40% lower. Not to mention the greater revenue, profitability, innovation and safety that these organisations experience.

Engage for Success recognised four enablers of highly engaged organisations. Employee voice Engaged managers Organisational integrity Strategic narrative Bringing people together is one of the most effective ways to generate progress across all four. And in many ways it has never been easier.

The event landscape has changed rapidly over the last couple of years and we now have at our fingertips many more techniques and technologies to create the space and time to have those important conversations. And with the proven ability to deliver hybrid, virtual and live events, you are no longer restricted by time or location. We can easily gather global teams for an hour, or a few days, or a combination of both, in a room or on zoom.

So, make sure you take the time this year to engage and listen to your employees, build a relationship with them, and address those critical issues. It will help your business to progress and address the critical risk of losing out in the great resignation.

And if you need help to create the space and time for these vital conversations or to think more deeply about how the four enablers show up in your organisation just give us a call.  We'd love to start a conversation.

Shut up!

Just take a moment to pause.

To shut up.

To stop.

And make sure you are creating the time and space to listen.

To listen to your colleagues.

One of the most important things you can do for your business at the moment, is to make sure you listen to the voice of your colleagues.

As you start to plan your strategy days, leadership meetings, forums & summits, many of which will take place in a virtual world this year, don’t just fill the space with strategic points you need to cascade, but hold the space for voices to flourish.

Ensure you create time for rich conversation in these virtual environments, and most importantly make sure you create space in the agenda to listen. Really listen.

So, how do you begin to listen to 100’s of voices in a virtual space? At egi:live we have created a process called Excellerate which is designed to facilitate multiple meaningful conversations whether they be face to face or virtually.

We create psychological safe spaces, these are spaces where people feel comfortable to share, question and develop ideas that can transform your business. We ensure that every person has an opportunity to contribute and even the quietest voices are heard.

This can be hard to do in the real world, but is even harder to do in a digital space, but through experienced design and expert facilitation we can create that space in online virtual meetings.

So we design agendas that will help surface the strengths of your business and through conversation involve your people, so they are an active player in the strategic narrative rather than just a servant of it. Truly engaging your people in the process.

When you are planning your next meeting, be bold; cut out the content, make time for the conversations that matter and then simply shut up and listen. You will be amazed and inspired with what you get to hear.

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A changing world

As a planet we are at a pivotal moment.

Covid-19 & Carbon are both driving a reduction in travel and the ability to come together. Face to face meetings have stopped but the purpose of those meetings is greater than ever.

Organisations will be experiencing both rapid change, and also potential inertia. Both scenarios will create a vacuum of insight and communication that will seriously impact an organisations ability to operate.

A communications vacuum is the last thing that should be happening. Hearing from leaders and being engaged is vital.

The good news is there are solutions.

Technology and innovative companies have been developing some amazing competencies over the last 10 years. Using robust and agile platforms, with proven results.

And they are capable of hosting highly engaging experiences.

But. And it’s a big but. To be effective they need to be combined with all of the skills that we have developed for engaging live audiences, for creating space and time for the conversations that matter to make the impact that is needed.

So when you start to think about hybrid and virtual events start by thinking about the purpose, about the audience and about the need to deeply engage them. And then consider the platform and the technology that will enable and underpin the experience.

And in the meantime, over the coming days and weeks take care and in the words of Charlie Mackesy:

"When the big things feel out of control ….focus on what you love right in front of you"

White Space

Meetings are often about content and conversation, but we build in WHITE SPACE.

Creating psychological safe spaces* in the agenda and physical environment to allow time and space for the conversations that matter.

Creating time within the agenda to connect, reflect, think and relax.

Safe space within which to explore, exchange and grow.

*A. Edmonson – psychological safe space

Create time

It's about time

There's never enough time, right?

It depends what you think is important.

If you can't devote time to shaping the future of your company – what can you spend time on?

We fight for time in your agenda:

We help you invest time on the issues that are the most important and the activities that will get the right outcomes.

Talk to us about making sure your time together, is time well spent.