A changing world

A changing world

As a planet we are at a pivotal moment.

Covid-19 & Carbon are both driving a reduction in travel and the ability to come together. Face to face meetings have stopped but the purpose of those meetings is greater than ever.

Organisations will be experiencing both rapid change, and also potential inertia. Both scenarios will create a vacuum of insight and communication that will seriously impact an organisations ability to operate.

A communications vacuum is the last thing that should be happening. Hearing from leaders and being engaged is vital.

The good news is there are solutions.

Technology and innovative companies have been developing some amazing competencies over the last 10 years. Using robust and agile platforms, with proven results.

And they are capable of hosting highly engaging experiences.

But. And it’s a big but. To be effective they need to be combined with all of the skills that we have developed for engaging live audiences, for creating space and time for the conversations that matter to make the impact that is needed.

So when you start to think about hybrid and virtual events start by thinking about the purpose, about the audience and about the need to deeply engage them. And then consider the platform and the technology that will enable and underpin the experience.

And in the meantime, over the coming days and weeks take care and in the words of Charlie Mackesy:

"When the big things feel out of control ….focus on what you love right in front of you"