• start a movement

  • time for a re-set

  • change is constant

  • bring your strategy to life

Want to accelerate lasting change in your organisation?

Excellerate© is a process to bring your people together 

to energise your organisation

and to deliver lasting change.

In a world where so many of us are working apart, we create the virtual space and time to bring your teams together.

To connect people to their leaders and to connect the whole organisation to your strategy.
Start a movement in your organisation with Excellerate©
The success of any business depends on your ability to take your people with you.

People need more than just a strategy to follow.

They need a movement.

A movement that they are passionate about, with a clear goal and an understanding of the part they play. 

A movement that changes how things are done.

A movement that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.
Want to start a movement?
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Our proven approach
Excellerate© is built on years of experience of sparking movements in organisations by delivering Appreciative Inquiry (AI) led programmes. 

AI is hugely powerful, and we've seen outstanding results. We've seen people's understanding and belief in their organisation and its strategy shift significantly and their engagement grow as their voices have been heard.

An independent review found that 90% of Appreciative Inquiry-driven change programmes are successful*, in stark contrast to the 30% success rate of change programmes generally**.

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Our tried and tested approach is built on this unique process to transform and mobilise your organisation.

Exploring your organisation’s strengths.
Through a structured process of storytelling and conversations, led by carefully considered questions, the qualities and values that will underpin your future success will emerge.

What possibilities does the future offers us?
We help you to define the space, to share insights and expectations. And then we hold that space for your colleagues and stakeholders to stretch their thinking and express their ideas through amazing creative sessions. Building a powerful vision of your future.
Where do we focus our energy to bring that future to life?
We hold an open space and together we engage your people. Empowering your teams to define the areas that will have the biggest impact and creating a roadmap where everyone understands the journey ahead and the role they play within it.
Together we build the strategic narrative.
Combining your strengths, strategy and roadmap we build a powerful narrative that the whole business can understand and believe in. Celebrating the values and building a powerful shared context so that the whole business can move forward together.

Change is not an event it is a continuous movement

How it Works - The Virtual Space

Excellerate© is scalable, flexible and adaptable. 

It can be used for 40 or 4,000 people, delivered over a couple of days or a number of months. Involving leadership teams, whole divisions, or your entire business. We could recreate your future world in a virtual space or simply use your conference call technology. 

We can help you to roll out a new strategy, to innovate, collaborate, create new solutions and grow. Whenever you need to bring your people together to have conversations that matter to make a difference that counts.
We have been sparking movements in organisations for over 25 years,
and have designed Excellerate© for people to collaborate across hybrid
environments, both virtually and in workplaces across the globe.

the influencers  

We’ve developed Excellerate© in collaboration with an incredible team of talented thinkers and influencers- from an ex-Microsoft chief envisioning officer, an appreciative inquiry expert, a solo Atlantic rower to a course director from the London Business School. These experts have helped shape our programme through their innovations, ideas and unique perspectives.
Tone of Voice
Diversity & Inclusion
Vision Architect 
We’ve worked alongside them to drive progress in organisations across the globe, 
imagine the power they could have to mobilise your organisation?
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What qualities does your organisation need to transform? 

We recently did some research which shows that there are a number of qualities and behaviours needed within organisations for them to survive and thrive in the world today. 

The results are in… Teamwork, Agility and Trust stand out. In many ways these are not new qualities but enabling them to grow and activate a positive future is a real challenge .

Do you know what qualities your organisation needs?
Which one would have the biggest impact in your organisation? 

And which would be the most difficult to deliver? 

Excellerate © will help to answer these questions and then help those qualities to flourish.


58% of employees don't know what role they play in enabling their organisation to become ready for the future***

In a change programme involving 400 leaders of a global business we used Appreciative Inquiry methodology to deliver dramatic results – confidence in describing the strategy went up from 39% to 90%.


As we developed the Excellerate© programme and process we have been inspired by the great thinkers below. We'll be adding more inspiration, so do come back and visit.
*McQuaid, M. & Cooperrider, D. [2018]. Your change blueprint.
**John P. Kotter, Leading Change, Boston: Harvard
Business Press.
***A Future That Works: Winning Workplaces 2019
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